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Forensic Psychologist  

Working with California's Top Attorneys

Providing evidence-based and articulate reports to the court to help inform decisions regarding mentally ill offenders’ dispositions, treatment needs, risk of violence and reoffense, and competency.

Meet Dr. Natalie Sobel

A court-approved Psychologist in Los Angeles and Kern counties, Dr. Sobel is a licensed forensic psychologist practicing in the state of California (PSY 27461). Her specialty areas include intellectual and neurocognitive assessment, malingering, trauma, perinatal and maternal mood and anxiety disorders, mitigation, competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, and violence risk assessment.


Areas of Practice

Dr. Sobel has received extensive training and supervision in psychological assessment from various established facilities, including Harbor UCLA and Huntington Memorial Hospital. She is adept at intelligence and cognitive testing, as well as providing diagnostic clarification, personality testing, and neurocognitive assessment.

Clinical Services

Clarification of mental health diagnoses, personality profile, and/or assess intellectual and cognitive function using formal psychological tests. A report will be generated outlining applicable diagnoses and offering treatment or educational recommendations.

Psychological assessment to answer a specific legal question, provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations, provide mitigating information, or assess risk of violence. These evaluations typically result in a formal forensic report that aids in the resolution of pending litigation.

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